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EXPERIENCE first-class manicure treatments, which include  Jojoba, Avocado, Ginseng and Vitamin E extracts. 

Lose yourself with LUXURIOUS spa treatments for your hands and feet

STRENGTHEN your nails with Bio Sculpture Gel treatments



Bio Sculpture Gel is the original nail gel company. With over 30 years experience, in over 30 countries worldwide, Bio Sculpture Gel's are renowned for its PREMIUM QUALITY, its SAFETY, and the highly SKILLED THERAPISTS. 


  • Gel products have been clinically tested and received a 5 Star safety rating

  • All gels and nail polishes are non toxic and vegan friendly

  • LED curing lamps have been tested by an Independent Australian Government Agency to ensure safety

  • All therapists are highly trained in all areas of Nail Care

  • Range of over 180 colours and ENDLESS nail art options

  • Awards winning nail treatments to enhance, protect and nurture nail growth

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