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Do the LED lamps used to dry the Gel cause damage to skin?

The Nail Lounge takes health and saftey very seriously.

We only use Bio Sculpture LED lamps, which have been independantly tested by the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA), a Goverment body who confirmed that no biological harm is caused by Bio Sculpture LED lamps when used as directed.


As an extra measure, however, we do offer disposable UV fingerless protective gloves which mitigate UVA exposure.


So rest assured, your hands are in good hands at the Nail Lounge!


If you would like additional information, please click here.

I've heard that Gel products damage the natural nail - is this true?

No. The Nail Lounge only uses nail Gel products and accessories that have been clinically tested to ensure they are safe and healthy to use on the natural nail. We therefore only use Bio Sculpture Gel, the only nail gel awarded a 5 Star Safety rating in an independent clinical trial.


All staff at the Nail Lounge are highly skilled, and have completed the world renowned Bio Sculpture Gel nail courses. This ensures your experience will be safe and professional every time. 

What products are used at the Nail Lounge?

The Nail Lounge only uses safe, premium, high quality nail care and spa products.

Bio Sculpture Gel, a leading nail care brand, is exclusively used for all nail services.

Do I need to make a booking before my visit?

Yes. Although we try and accommodate walk-in's when possible, we strongly advise you call and make a booking prior to your visit to the Nail Lounge.

Do you offer pre-paid service discounts?

Yes. The Nail Lounge has pre-paid services available that offer great discounts on both service and retail offerings.

Please speak to our technicians for more information.

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